The night I screamed my head off.

A few years ago, when I was living in Bangladesh something happened. It was a stormy night and the electricity was out. I lived upstairs with my parents while my grandmother and some cousins lived downstairs with their families.

As the electricity was out, I couldn’t use my computer or watch TV. Therefore, as you can already guess, the amount of boredom I felt was unbearable. So, I decided to go downstairs and spend some time with my cousins and also my sister was downstairs too.

I lived beside a petrol station (yes, you read that right) and they had an electricity generator. So, some of the light from the petrol station reached our home and slightly lit up certain parts of the house.

I was very nervous that day, as I had previously listened to some horror stories. I felt a bit hesitant about walking down the dark staircase alone. But after several self pep-talks, I mustered up the courage and opened the front door to go downstairs.

As I opened the front door and took a step forward, I noticed something white and glowy at the corner of the door. I felt a surge of sudden panic and without thinking, I just screamed. Really loudly. And then I realized it’s a cat. And I am also afraid of cats. But not enough to scream like that.

My mom came rushing and opened the front door to see what happened. When I explained what happened she laughed. And the rest of my family heard me screaming too. Screaming because of a cat. And that was the night I screamed my head off.


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