The British ‘Jihadists’

As a healthy, well-informed believer of Muslim and a human being, I naturally condemn any form of hate, oppression, murder, terrorism etc. And I don’t think it’s rocket science that majority of Muslims and humans as a whole condemn these heinous acts of evil.

What I don’t understand is why the young British ‘Muslims’ are joining ISIL or ISIS or whatever. Oh wait, I mean USIL (U standing for Un-Islamic). Today, I dedicate my precious study time to send a message to these people. I mean, if someone’s googling ‘British Jihadists’ or something, hopefully they will find this message.

Firstly, Jihad means struggle. A struggle can be for anything. For example, my Jihad for waking up every morning for school is just too painful. So does Jihadists means ‘strugglist’ or something? Either ways, that word doesn’t make sense.

How can you believe in something that tells you to go about murdering innocent people? None of the victims of USIL deserved to be beheaded. They were innocent human beings. And the countless unknown victims should not be forgotten as well, including a Muslim woman activist, who was publicly tortured and executed for criticising USIL.

Now, let’s talk about Shariah Law. According to wikipedia, Sharia law (Arabic: شريعة) is the body of Islamic law. The term means “way” or “path”; it is the legal framework within which the public and some private aspects of life are regulated for those living in a legal system based on Islam.

I am not going to go deep in what Shariah Law is. Islam is a belief, a religion. It’s the law of believers. Muslim people decide according to the Quran and authenticated Hadiths what is wrong and what is right to them. Scholars do not agree on what exactly Shariah Law is! It doesn’t mean women are supposed to stay home or cannot drive or whatever’s the new headline out there. I try my best to live according to the Quran, therefore, I live according to what I believe the Shariah Law is.

I read an article that said about 2000 young British people have joined the ‘Jihadists’. It was an estimate. As far as known, 500 people have left Britain to fight for USIL. A lot of information about people joining USIL comes from twitter, so they might not be completely true, as some people might exaggerate to create fear.

Funny thing, the scholars who spend most of their lives studying, understanding and educating about Islam do not remotely support this group and young people who probably do not know the basics of Islam is fighting ‘in the name of Allah (God)’, are you kidding me?

USIL is a terrorist group who uses the name of Islam for power. They most certainly do not know the first thing about Islam. They cherry pick some verses from the Quran, misinterprets them, ignores the context and wisdom behind them and uses them to justify their evil acts. To quote an American scholar, Sheikh Hamza Yusuf: ‘Islam is being taken over by stupid young boys.’ I will attach a link to a video which gives an elaborate explanation about USIL.

Verse (ayah) 256 of Al-Baqarah states that there is no compulsion in religion. (Only the most quoted verse in the Quran) Therefore, you do not have the right to hurt and discriminate people because they don’t reflect your beliefs.

I know there’s a lot of misconceptions about Islam and some people do discriminate because we do not reflect what they believe in. But our beliefs make us better people. The Prophet (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) treated people who wanted to hurt him with kindness and compassion. As Muslims we should follow His (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) examples.

I remember reading about this French Muslim girl who joined USIL because she wanted freedom of practising her religion which she couldn’t in France. But USIL are not our religion. They do not reflect our beliefs. And what she did was the same thing that happened to her; forcing what they think right on others ignorantly. So think about it, you are willing to give up the comfort of your homes, break the hearts of your parents who took care of you since and before birth, throw away your beliefs, your life to fight for USIL?

Conclusively, USIL is wrong. They would probably kill me for expressing my views about them. If you have the slightest Iman and conscience left in your heart you will not even think about joining them. And as humans we shouldn’t be cruel to each other because we don’t reflect each other’s beliefs, whether that be believing in a divine existence or not believing in anything at all.

NOTE: I am a 17 year old Muslim girl. I do believe the information I talked about here is correct because I researched on this but I can be wrong. I am young and I am still learning about Islam but it’s common sense USIL is evil and wrong. Thanks for reading.


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