Blue devil

Who knew drowning could be represented as a form of dark art? Excellent poetry, love it.

The world we live in


Alluring water, why did you call me in?

You were camouflaged so enchantingly
Dressed in a blue prepossesive gown

But you held me down!

You held me with that cruel grip
And at that point, i no longer wanted to be a part of you

So i battled
Untill my bones were sore
Untill i could move no more
But your powerful grasp was too tight
I was tired of putting up a fight

My departure from this kingdom was inevitable
And so i prayed for my poor soul to stay memorable

I cursed the blue devil
I wanted to redeam myself!
I hadn’t lived a good life!

I took my last breath
I became one with the swaying body

To this realm , i waved goodbye
Because , in the waterbed i lie.

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