To the ‘lovers’ that can’t take no for an answer.

Him: Hey, I like you. Wanna go out? (Girl’s colleague/ distant friend/ friend/ stranger)
Her: Sorry. I don’t like you like that.
Him: So where do you wanna go?
Her: I said, I do not like you.
Him: But I like you? Why do you not like me? I know you do.
Her: Oh my God! I don’t like you.
Him: I know you like me. I will make you like me.
Her: Has a shocked/furious face. Thinks he is a creep and tries to quickly walk away. Glances back to see if he is following her for safety reasons.
Him: She glanced back, she likes me. She is just playing hard to get. (Ignores all the ‘I don’t like yous’ he heard her saying.)

The dialogue above more or less describe the type of people I am going to write about. Learning when to say no is essential. Knowing when to accept a ‘no’ is crucial. You will not believe the number of times I have heard someone complain about being bothered by someone who claims to like them and refuses to take no for an answer. For heaven’s sake people, no means NO. 

You see, when someone says no to you, you just gotta respect their decision and walk away. Rejection is crushing but it is a part of life. Even though they say you should never give up on your hopes and dreams, you definitely should if it involves making someone’s life unjustly miserable.

One thing we do as human beings is that we interpret things to represent what we want to believe. In this context, it might be that you are interpreting their behaviour to suit your beliefs (that they like you when they don’t). For e.g. their avoidance of you as playing hard to get, their acknowledgment of your existence as they like you when they only do so because you creep them out.

If you think your persistency will make them like you, you are dead wrong. It does the complete opposite. It makes them dislike you even more. They are human beings (like you) with minds and emotions of their own. So when they say no, they mean no! Don’t go all OCD on them, it’s harmful for everyone involved.

Speaking of OCD, if you find yourself completely unable to stop from obsessing over someone, take my word and seek mental health. If you’re like ‘psst, I don’t have mental problem’ than you should seek help ASAP.

Bottom line is when someone says no, respect their choice as a human being even though you may truly love them.


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