To the ‘friend’ that implied Islam is related to ISIS.

A few days ago, I had this sudden flashback where I remembered a discussion I had with one of my former classmates. Let’s call her Carrie. It was almost a year ago and I completely forgot about it.

This ‘friend’ of mine was talking about how one of her ‘Muslim’ classmate who used to wear abaya and hijab suddenly ‘left’ these and started wearing ultra tight clothing. I think she expected me to be against her or something but all I could think and say was ‘perhaps her parents or someone forced her to cover or something.’ Then she said something along the lines of how her clothes didn’t had to be that tight. The irony is that, let’s just say, she is in no position to judge her. I am not judging her either, but why someone dresses the way they do should be nobody’s concern. (Checkout the post: to the women that judge other women by appearance)

From this, we somehow got talking about ISIS and I was explaining to her why ISIS doesn’t follow the first rule of Islam. (Checkout the post: ‘The British Jihadists’) At some point, she said something that roughly meant ‘at least you don’t deny ISIS being related to Muslims or Islam unlike some Muslims who doesn’t even ‘claim responsibility’ for ISIS.’ She didn’t exactly say these exact words but she definitely meant it. She said it in such a positive way that me being the naïve nancy that I am, I understood her in a completely different way.

My post is in no way meant to imply that she is a bad person. I don’t really know her, so I have no idea what sort of person she is. However, false knowledge is worse than ignorance so let’s get educated.

Suppose you met someone online and they claimed to be a doctor or maybe a millionaire. Would you believe them without any evidence? Chances are you wouldn’t. What if they posted fake pictures? What about then? My point is, just because someone claims to be something doesn’t necessarily mean they are speaking the truth. It’s not rocket science.

I refuse to claim responsibility or apologise for the acts of extremists who doesn’t even follow Islam. I did not ask them to create chaos, neither do I support them. If I had the means to stop them, I would. Every single act of oppression is a problem for the entire human race, it is not restricted to a certain group of people. Different scholars are trying to reach out to these ‘Muslims.’ They are raising awareness about extremism.

One of the things certain people doesn’t understand is: if Islam really meant oppressing people, there wouldn’t be so many people believing in it. Neither would there be so many peaceful people minding their own damn business. I AM COMPLETELY AWARE OF THE FACT THAT I AM ALLOWED TO CHANGE/QUESTION MY BELIEFS. So are rest of the Muslim people out there or atheists or theists or anybody! Besides, Islam teaches us to gain knowledge and think independently.

So no Carrie, Islam is not related to ISIS, neither are true Muslims. Why should I take responsibility for something I do not support nor believe in? Tell me why it is my fault when I refuse to believe in anything that teaches me to murder another human being?

The crimes of rich countries are easily overlooked whereas crimes committed by ‘Muslims’ or ‘coloured people’ are represented in such a way that the entire race or religion becomes guilty. Before you call me out as being racist to white people, tell me when anybody blamed the entire race of white people for any crime in the past or present done by one white person or a group of white people?

So don’t you dare blame me when you refuse to listen to the truth because your judgement is too clouded by prejudice.


10 thoughts on “To the ‘friend’ that implied Islam is related to ISIS.”

  1. It’s awful that you had to deal with that but you’ve explained it very well here.
    The most people killed, made homeless, raped or effected by isis is Muslims! So I don’t get how people can so ignorant and just follow the media without even thinking about it for a second

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  2. You are such a strong girl, and I totally agree with you on this! Some people really need to grow brains, like i am not trying to insult those people or anything, but then a person can’t just go around commenting about somethings they don’t even have the whole knowledge about! That just really infuriates me, so i feel really glad to see people like you, with such optimism and knowledge! 🌸

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    1. Haha trust I am not knowledgeable but thanks tho…besides those things should be common sense. You are too kind! I mean to the ‘people that need to grow brains’ lol. Haha if you met me, you would see how anxious I actually am. But I really appreciate your lovely comments. 🙂

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      1. I sure am kind, aren’t I ?💁 haha, I am sure if I met you, we’d be great friends, because trust me I suck at conversing with people, and conversing with you till now without making it awkward is surely an accomplishment for me!

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      2. Had practical exams hence the delayed response! Ah, don’t worry about it! I bet you are better than you think. And yeah, we would definitely be awesome friends. 🙂

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