Sherlock series review 

At first, I thought I was going to write about how only crimes committed by so called Muslims are branded as terrorism but when similar atrocities are committed by governments and ‘white’ people they are ignorable because governments can do whatever the hell they like and ‘white’ criminals are mentally unwell.

Consequently, all terrorists are Muslims because it’s a label only reserved for brown and Arab ethnic groups. Hell, people learning about Islam from ISIS is the same as learning about Judaism from Hitler. But that’s enough for today because you see, I like to express opinions very elaborately using PEE but the research required will take up a lot time and I have a biology mock on Monday.

Then I thought, why not write about things that are potentially wrong with humanity and how education could be the key weapon in breaking down barriers between countries, communities and societies. But then again, requires too much time. (Maybe, people like me are what’s wrong with humanity!)

So, I ended up deciding to write about Sherlock! I know, pretty important. Anyways, I have recently watched all the available seasons of Sherlock. Incase, you don’t know what it is: it is a modern day adaptation of Sherlock Holmes by BBC. It has three episodes in each season and there are currently three seasons available. The episodes are around 1 hour 30 minutes long.

I have commitment issues when it comes to TV series but trust me, if I could watch nine 1 hour and 30 minutes episode than so can you. The series is so good! I feel like I am a few years behind the hype but I still enjoyed it very much.

While I was watching the show, I kept thinking about how Sherlock Holmes in general is similar to a doctor. His microscopic observations and ‘science of deduction’ being the reason. Later, I was watching this ted talk where this man spoke about how Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was inspired by his medical teacher to create the character of Sherlock Holmes and it made complete sense.

I had no idea Benedict Cumberbatch was such a good actor. Or maybe I am just biased because of his recent contribution to helping out refugees. Regardless, Sherlock Holmes’ character is really admirable. After all, he is the life of the show. I am a bit behind when it comes to the entertainment industry. I do indeed live under a rock. Or at least I would’ve, if the top stories (which happens to be things done by celebrities) weren’t trending on Facebook and Twitter.

I personally enjoyed the first and second season a lot more than the third one. I did like the third one enough to to keep watching it but they made some episodes very ‘cinematic’. I don’t know how to describe it! It seemed like they focused more on action than on characters. It’s just that at certain times, Sherlock’s character was not very Sherlocky and coherency seemed to be missing between episodes even though the episodes were linked in one way or another. Does that make sense?

But don’t let that put you off. I can’t wait for season 4 to come out. Unfortunately, it’s a long wait. Ugh. I need more episodes in my life. Yeah, I honestly don’t have a life right now.

Time to go and prepare for that mock. God save this soul.


3 thoughts on “Sherlock series review ”

  1. I also have problems watching TV, but I do appreciate Sherlock! I’ll have to see if there are any episodes I haven’t seen (seriously, have they made any in the past year or so? I don’t have cable or wifi).

    I really enjoy the way you intertwine your opinions on current events with your review. Keep up the good blogging.

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    1. I know right…I think they are releasing something on first January. Can’t wait! I am glad you enjoyed the post! Thanks for your lovely comment. I was simultaneously thinking about both of these lol and couldn’t decide what I wanna write about.

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