On Charlie Hebdo: bottled up thoughts.

As a Muslim, I find it incredibly uncomfortable to have an opinion about Charlie Hebdo. Not only about the shooting but also regarding what it is about and what it represents. It seems that if I say anything against it, I might get accused of attacking freedom of speech or supporting the attack on it or being an extremist.

Just to clarify to those who won’t be able to figure it out, I do not condone any form of violence due to my morality and faith. Freedom of speech allows me to share my opinions and that’s what I am full of. So, rocket science explained: I am not against freedom of speech and neither do I think it is at any rate acceptable to kill people for having different views. Can’t believe I have to actually explain this.

A year ago, after the Charlie Hebdo tragedy I read an enlightening article here in wordpress that really expressed everything I was thinking about. I believe it was called ‘Je ne suis pas Charlie’ or something like that. I google searched it but can’t seem to find the original article, although, there’s some other good articles out there similar to it. I will link it if I manage to find it.

The writer spoke about his/her love for Paris, his/her appreciation for freedom of speech and his/her reason for why s/he wasn’t Charlie. In other words, what I am going to be doing but with my views and opinions.

Firstly, we must acknowledge that freedom of speech, like everything else, has double standards. Unless you are (mostly) white, rich and powerful, you might want to watch that mouth of yours. God forbids you are a black kid and make a remark about guns near the cops…or brown and make a joke about a bomb in the class. Just think about what would happen in those scenarios.

Secondly, Charlie Hebdo representing freedom of speech is a joke in itself, as are the shooters representing Islam. Charlie Hebdo is an insult to what we call freedom of speech, as are the shooters to Islam. Once again to clarify myself, if I had the opportunity to stop the shooting, I would. I really do not care for people’s ignorant views and I don’t think anybody deserves to die for having ignorant views. I am probably guilty of being ignorant about a lot of things but I am more than willing to learn and stand corrected. Ignore the ignorant, which is an Islamic way of dealing with this kinda things. (also my motto on dealing with some customers) Our time and energy are valuable and not worth wasting on negative people. Besides, Prophet Muhammed عليه السلام (peace be upon Him) always dealt with people in the most kindest manner. So, when the shooters claim to defend His عليه السلام (peace be upon Him) image, they are indeed insulting Islam. 

A man called Suhail ibn Amar had a voice suited to oratory, and used to employ this talent in making speeches against the Holy Prophet. He was captured by the Muslims at the battle of Badr and brought before the Holy Prophet. A Muslim suggested that some of Suhail’s teeth should be knocked out to disable him from speaking well. The Holy Prophet replied:

“If I disfigure any of his limbs, God will disfigure mine in retribution”.

I got that from a seemingly reliable website, just google search ‘how did the Prophet (peace be upon Him) deal with insults.’ I must warn you there are always a few websites willing to twist everything just to prove their points. Why am I trying to prove Islam doesn’t condone this when I promised to stop apologising for groups of idiots that doesn’t remotely represent Islam? This is where I facepalm myself.

I haven’t read their magazines and never plan on doing so either. However, I did see authentic images of their work and it doesn’t take Sherlock to deduce that Charlie Hebdo represents racism and intolerance.

Charlie Hebdo is not about freedom of speech, it is more about abusing freedom of speech to spread intolerance towards people of differing views and colours. (You can find some of their bigoted work online but I am not posting their crap) As much as they have the freedom to do so, I too have the freedom to point that out. Unfortunately, my voice will not be heard by most and it saddens me to realize that people actually find these enjoyable.

If you think about it, it’s like a bunch of five year olds drawing ugly pictures and pointing at their mates, going ‘that’s you!’


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