Between Our Silence

Today’s a grim day
I sit here in silence, opposite you
And you too, my friend
Remain silent.

Why is that?
Is it because the sun didn’t light us up
With its golden rays?
Or did the rain manage to wash our spirits off
Our rather conditional happiness.

Why is there exhaustion written on our foreheads?
On the darkened sockets of our sunken eyes
Hidden beneath our thick framed glasses.

We all go through times of thick and thin
Times, that demand sorrow and silence
So, when you and I, dear friend
Are empty of words, trust me
I will understand.

Because sometimes
Words are too much
Or too little
To express our troubled minds
And the only solace to be found
Is within our unbroken silence.

And when we will look up
For our eyes to meet
We will see the manifestation of melancholy
Dimming the twinkle of our eyes
Like a fine layer of untouched dust
Gathering on the mirror surface.

Then I will smile
Such that the corner of my eyes will crinkle
Because I see the hope and impermanence
Of our seemingly unending sadness.
And someday, I hope that you will too
See the sparkle at the end of this darkness.

Dear Readers,

I have recently noticed that I have a few of you that regularly read my ‘work’, for which I hope to thank you. I debated with myself whether it would be narcissistic to write this, but then again, I have been blogging for almost two years now, even though I don’t have many regular readers. And that’s okay, because I write and share my writing with no goals in my mind, except that it’s one of my passions. But still, even if one person is reading this, I just want to say, thank you. Because writers and readers are people that I don’t have in my life. Well, except a very few. So yeah, one and all of you make writing all the more enjoyable.

So, knowing that you read and felt my writing (if you didn’t, well, that’s okay too) really makes me giddy in a silly young girl sort of way. Which I suppose I am.

And I also wanted to say that I will not be posting as regularly. For which I apologise. But I have to focus on my piling studies, which quite obviously I am not looking forward to. Until then, I hope you remain well.


A silly young girl.


3 thoughts on “Between Our Silence”

  1. WOW! Like simply wow, okay frankly this is your first post I’ve read, and well its really beautiful! You sure have a way with words! Looking forward to reading all your posts! This is really amazing and I totally feel what you want to convey!💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg thanks a lot! I am so glad to hear that. I actually showed my poem to a friend and she found it nice but she didn’t understand what the message was haha! Thanks again, for the lovely comment!

      Liked by 1 person

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