Do you remember, fellow human?

Do you remember, fellow human?
When women couldn’t vote?
When we raised our daughters
For the sole purpose of marrying off.

Do you remember, fellow human?
When women couldn’t wear trousers?
When women were shamed
For walking past alone, beside an outsider.

Do you remember, fellow human?
When women were poor?
They were sent of alone
For predators to violate their souls.

Do you remember, fellow human?
When our mothers were hurt?
But being assaulted by family
Was just another integral part.

Do you remember, fellow human?
When women were born?
Our fathers and mothers grieved
For the non-existing lost son.

Do you remember, fellow human?
When women couldn’t read?
Because women were only worthy of being maids and sex objects
Not literate human beings.

Dear human, although these seem like
Issues of the past
They are still lurking in the present
Just surfacing with a different touch.

Today our women can vote
Pursue careers, wear trousers
Walk alone, choose their partners
Except, they cannot entirely.

Now don’t get me wrong.
I am more than happy
To live in a society,
Where women are humans too
At least, to majority.

But when our women go to work
We don’t care that she works just as hard
We will pay her less, even in the west
Because she is a woman, so she is worth less.

And when our women walk alone
The least of us will look for opportunity
To harass her mercilessly, treat her inhumanly
Then shout ‘can’t take a compliment, this w***e!’

What is it with the acid?
She said no, respect it.
Did her ‘no’ crush our superior self-belief?
That we need to destroy her to restore it?

Even in the west, rapists walk free
Because victims are to blame
For being ‘provocative’
Clearly, they were asking for it!

When we look outside the west
Or perhaps even within it
We can see the restrained tears on our daughters
Who are still being forced into marriage.

When it comes to what our women wear
We are not satisfied with bikini or burka
One is revealing, the other is oppressing
So we must tell them how to be liberating.

When our women decide
To become stay at home mothers
We frown upon their decisions
And refuse to appreciate their contributions.

Perhaps, we forget
A spectrum goes both ways
And women are individuals
With their own strength and choices.

To people that oppress women
In the name of God
Why is it that educated scholars
Speak for values of feminism?

When we talk about feminism
It’s not to demean or mimic our men
Because men can oppress both men and women
And so can women oppress both women and men.

So when we talk about feminism
It’s for our right to be respected as humans
To choose our goals, follow our faiths
To voice our opinions, live without the chains.

When we fight for the voices of our women
That lack their basic human rights
We liberate a society, progress as humanity
Which serves both our men and women
Humanity in its entirety.




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