The buzzing voices around me
Drown out the anxiety within
There is a constant change of emotions
Ranging from happy to exhaustion
For a moment, I enjoy the conversation
Not drained by our pretension
For this exchange of dialogue
Roots from mutual respect and admiration.

We part with fulfilling laughter
The smile lingering thereafter
Then I notice that the clock is ticking
There’s something that I am forgetting.

Then I see you emerging, ignorantly smirking
Here comes anxiety, creeping and crawling.

I blink, too late, you are too close
You put a hand on me
I have the urge to cut it off
All I can do is endure
Hoping you will leave soon
If you don’t, my horror will explode.


6 thoughts on “Unwelcome”

  1. Finally !! Someone had to address it.
    I guess I shouls just get this printed on my T-shirt and hug those who feel this way. Copyrights ma’am. Just kidding.
    On a serious note…. Awesome !! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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