Some say these are lines without music
A song waiting to be sung
I must say, I heartily disagree
For poetry, is like raw honey
A story in its purest form.

Have you ever wondered
If we all died simultaneously
And the earth were inhabited
With creatures of intelligence
From far and beyond this galaxy.

Would they discard
Our art and poetry
Or become scholars
Trying to decode
What it all means?

Poetry existed far before you and me
It is the written history
That tells an intriguing story
Of our mind’s intricacies
Our timeless idiosyncrasy.

A feeling so captivating
The sun setting into the ocean
The moon so full and round
The drizzle in the sunshine
The rainbow on the horizon.

Maybe these are not worth
Analysing and preserving
But my dear, on a bad day
When there’s a cloud of dark omen
I will remind you to be not afraid
By writing you a poem.



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