The Travelling Soul

If I were given a gift.

That granted me a timeless human desire.

Of immortality, wealth & fame.

I would trade it.

For the goodness in every human soul.

Not out of the sheer innocence of my heart.

For it isn’t that innocent anymore.

But for the dream of travelling wildly.

Safely, but without enough money.

Exploring freely without the slightest worry.

Because you see, I am not a clever girl.

At least, not in the sense of being worldly.

So, I can only dream.

Of gazing at all that surrounds me.

While the sun will rise in the silence of the dawn.

Splashing me with golden rays.

As I stand somewhere in the world.


In the permanent solace.

Of security and freedom.


10 thoughts on “The Travelling Soul”

    1. Thanks for your nice comment, little mermaid. Just annoyed at how there’s 100s of things to look at before planning to go somewhere!

      Liked by 1 person

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