Isolate Me

I don’t know
What it is
That I feel.
Fear is there.
Lots of it.
Fear of what?
I think
I am going to
Stay in.
I don’t want
To do
I feel afraid
To face
The reality.
What’s outside.
Not the
Built in
My mind.
Earlier today
I was thinking
While Sipping
On my tea
And poking
At my cake.
Life couldn’t
Get any better.
Then why do
The silence
Of the night
So comforting
Makes me
Want to cry.
Makes me
Want to
So badly
Hold on.
So that
Can’t come.
And I won’t
Have to
Move on.
I won’t
Have to
Put on.
With another
Of this
Unpleasant feeling.
Ever again.
I don’t know
What I am
Going to do.
Only God
Can save
This rotten
And fragile
I can’t do this
Please morning
Leave me alone.


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