Thoughts on ‘Channel 4: What British Muslim Really Think’ 

As a British Muslim, I am extremely tempted to get into an in depth analysis of both the experiment and Islamic doctrine. Truth be told, this kind of events shake me up a bit.

Don’t get me wrong. If someone doesn’t agree with Islam or have differing views, that is completely okay. However, when the entire motivation is to reinforce negativity, that is in a large scale, I have to say something about that. Doesn’t matter who is listening. Because, ignorance is better than false knowledge. And nowadays people do not know any better, it’s not their ‘fault’. Except the people that live and breathe to abuse ‘Muslim looking’ people. (Criticism and abuse are two different things. Abusers are the other side of this coin that has daesh on it) It’s understandable to feel fearful with everything that’s happening in the world.

Today, I would like to address those people that do not know any better and say that as a Brown British Muslim, I really like tea…and coffee. I also happen to have friends of a variety of skin colours, beliefs, sexuality, etc. And I am very ordinary. Yet, I do not represent everyone. All I can say is, every Muslim I know and every Muslim I have met in my short lived life, nobody gives a crap about someone else’s sexuality. Even if they disagree, it’s not a reason for them to be disrespectful or hurtful. Jeez, (approximating) (1200/3000000)*100 = 0.04%. Nope, definitely not cool to say 52% of all British Muslims are homophobic and what not.

I see husbands and wives arguing their heads off, so ‘obeying’ is a very funny word. I am not even going there because I am not up to writing an entire novel about women’s right, men’s right, what exactly something means, the context etc. I am sure a scholar is more up for the job. A learned one that is. My incentive is not to get people to agree with me, rather to be not fearful and misinformed that Muslims are supposed to take over the world. Seriously, ain’t nobody got time for that. I am still waiting for the next Sherlock season to come out. Oh my God, so good. So good people, you gotta watch it!

Anyways, I have to stop myself from going frantic and writing a novella right now because;

  • I am not a scholar.
  • When I have too many thoughts in my head, I end up missing important points.
  • I am incoherent when frantic.
  • I have exams in a month and haven’t done crap. Literally procrastinating right now.

However ladies and gentlemen, I shall leave you with this little article with lots of interesting points: What British Muslims think about what British Muslims Really Think.

Hell, even writing this was stressful! That’s it, I am sticking to my poetry. I do apologise if I come off as patronising. It’s not that I think I know better, just that as a British Muslim, that show is not my voice and I assure you: although beliefs differ among Muslims, nobody is going to, neither wants to take over the world. Kindness, compassion, justice are just some of our key values. Do you realise how much work taking over the world is? Who on the right mind (daesh=not sane=targets vulnerable youngsters=actual Islamic knowledge=solution=youngsters now knows daesh=haram) would want that?! Oh wait, some people actually believe that? Someone book a ticket to Mars for me please. This girl is going back to her planet.


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