The Passionate One

Sometimes you may think
How trivial your passion is
How insignificant it is
In the realm of a harsh reality.

But you must go on
You are the only one
Who will care for your dream
For that one thing, or more
You get excited to wake up for.

I must tell you
That ecstasy won’t last long
But for passion to be permanent
You must remain true to yourself.

You must not let the routine
Suck the life out of your soul
You must not let the world
Make okay look good.

Your passion will make
The world a little better
For it arises from a sense of purpose
Not solely by desire.

If the effort seems too much
Take a little break.
Then do come back
To save a part of yourself.

When you love what you do
You don’t work at all
So push through the dark days
To achieve your goals.

Rest may seem tempting
But I assure you,
It will be unbearable
Once that’s all you’ll do.

Some will say it isn’t worth it
Is that what you think?
Let me tell you something
I hope I am convincing.

Even if I fail, I will pursue my passion
Again and again, till the very end.
Sure I will work hard with ups and downs
But it will feel great, like it always does.

So, from one dreamer to another
When you are wounded
Get up and fight
The scars are always worth it.


8 thoughts on “The Passionate One”

    1. I will take that as a good thing haha, thanks. My incentive was for it to serve as a reminder, first and foremost to myself. Glad to hear that you enjoyed it.


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