Do you see that?
That thread, so delicate
Intangible and unbreakable
Connecting us all.

A girl with a box
Struggled to carry it in the bus
Focused and embarrassed.
While no one noticed, moving ahead
But I did and gave her a hand
She smiled with gratitude
I replied: “no worries at all”
Grinned and left.

A simple everyday encounter it was
As we are always in the right place
In time and space, regardless
Of our plans or mistakes
Be it destiny, be it fate
Or let it be cause and effect
We are all in the same page
Take a look around to connect
With one who may need our help
Since we are all connected
With the same infinitely long thread.


6 thoughts on “Connected”

  1. Ironic isn’t it, how tens, or hundreds, or billions of years of one event following another, placed you in the precise time and space to extend that act of kindness. Bully for you, meeting the challenge. Thanks for sharing you prose.

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