Attic Of Secrets

Secrets are your black hole

Something not quite understood by all

A gravitational field you are

Too small to be this forceful

Defying the many laws

Drawing the energy of my thoughts

Radiating mystery wherever you pass

A mystery to be be kept untouched

One that many will devote to resolve

But you will never redeem their need to know

You will radiate a melancholy distance

Afraid you may let a whisper escape

Which will echo with all its consequences.

So, I’ll let you keep your secrets

Perhaps you will let me have a peek one day

Knowing that I will not store it away

Only the understanding will remain

Nothing you ever say will pass on

You can take your secrets back

And lock them again in the attic of your soul

These lips will always fail to betray you

For you are the omen of secrecy,

And I an open book.


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