My philosophy on reading

Pretty sure the context for using the word philosophy is all wrong in the title. Pardon me.

When it comes to reading, I have to be careful about which book I choose to read. Mainly because I usually buy the books that I read, as I once briefly mentioned. I can borrow books from the library which is a 10 minutes walk away from my home, but of course it’s not always (definitely not for the most part) possible to find the books I am looking for.

Finding a good english book was somewhat a luxury in my little town. So a good book really was an event in my life. Although, I regret not spending more time reading Bangla books, probably because I was introduced to reading in the english language. It’s unusually difficult to start reading in another language even when you are native to it! Anyways, it really made me appreciate reading.

I do look at the reviews in goodreads before buying a book but it’s not always the deciding factor. If I am at a book shop which doesn’t happen often sadly, I will look at the synopsis and read a few pages to ensure that the writing is engaging and the plot isn’t another cliché. It sounds time consuming but life’s too short to read ‘bad’ books. (a cliché, I know)

So far, I have read 8 out of the 35 books that I plan to read this year. Not sure if I will manage to do so but I shall try. I used to be the sort that finishes a book even if it’s not enjoyable. Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman was the first book I stopped reading because it just wasn’t for me, even though The Ocean At The End Of The Lane is one of my all time favourite. Before that, the last ‘bad’ book I read was The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson and it was painful to say the least.

I did skim through to the end and felt pretty good about it until I realised what a waste of my time it was. I know a lot of people loved that book, my friend and my ex teacher sure did. But it just didn’t appeal to my sense of humour. I did find it amusing at parts but it’s not suited to my taste.

Tea with the book is not mandatory but much loved. Generally, I am clumsy but don’t usually spill drinks on my book. An empty stomach makes me really uncomfortable, so snacks are necessary too sometimes. Not all the time since I get annoying crumbs on the pages.

I don’t have a specific place or time of the day when I like to read. When I have books present with me, I will spent most of my free time reading (another good reason for not having an abundance of books). Sometimes it is frowned upon by the people around me. Not always but sometimes. I prefer reading at home than anywhere else in the world.

I wonder what reading habits other people may have…?



6 thoughts on “My philosophy on reading”

  1. I like to have a few books going at a time. Not very romantic or leisurely, but I want to get as many books read in this life time as I can. I like to real lots of classics and then blog about them to hopefully encourage other readers to give them a try. Love the picture of you reading with tea. I am generally a “book with coffee” person.

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    1. I do that during exams lol! Just finished Jane Eyre yesterday. I love the idea behind your blogging and am a coffee drinker too, occasionally! good luck 🙂


  2. If I find a book that I like I will probably spend anytime I have reading that book and if it’s a series you better believe I will be in my bead reading them all till I’ve finished them .

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    1. Sorry! I really tried! I didn’t hate it, just not my taste. But different people have different taste which make all books great! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 🙂


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