Bitter are your words of false kindness
Decaying the very cell its oscillation touches
These eyes sting with desire for those lying words
To leave my being untouched by their unholiness.

Your face twists in that rehearsed smile, grotesque
Striking terror, how convincing is your false innocence!
Resolved to remain trying until I give in for you think
I am caring but you forget itโ€™s all an act from my part as well.

What can I do except endure your pretence with civility
Gently tucking away the rage that wants to cut your tongue in pieces
Save yourself from the wrath of a good woman, run away
Donโ€™t you comeback again, your face makes the gut heave in distaste.ย 

Be out of my sight and mind, I will soothe myself alone
With desire for everything else without a drop shed on you
The indifference for your lack of affection is real, the only pain
Is in being a fool, marked forever as a victim of betrayal by you.


4 thoughts on “Marked”

  1. THIS MADE MY DAY, its so beautiful! Haven’t read such a good poem lately! You’ve described the anger, the distaste, the wrath so beautifully! Loved it๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ

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