Some days after returning home.

I have seen most, if not all, of my family line by now. Although, when I was in the village yesterday, I couldn’t tell how I was related to the people we met there. My father’s family lives in the village, i.e my mother’s in-laws. Frankly, I think her in-laws likes her more than they like my father.

The road to the village is so unbelievably broken! If you have back pain, leg pain or any pain don’t go there. If you are a busty female, wear a good bra. Trust me, you will need it.

We went there (me, my mother, two of my uncles, one of my cousins) to see our fishery and report back to my father (when we return to London) how his dear fisheries are doing. I must say, the fisheries are doing very fine. One of them that is. The other one has broken sides and ended up mixing with my paternal grandfather’s brother’s son’s (whew! got that one right) property. Which means my parents will have to spend around a thousand pounds to separate our property. 

The village isn’t far away from our town, i.e. my mother’s family’s house. Our town is sometimes referred to as ‘bigganer beej’ which (I think) means ‘the seed of knowledge.’ People from around the country come here to get a good education. The capital do have the best education institutes in the country but there’s so much pollution and traffic and terrible drinking water that not everyone likes living there.

Those who do live in the capital do not like living outside. Similar to why people who live in a city will complain about it but end up staying anyways. Because there’s more to do in the capital than anywhere else.

A glimpse of our fishery
The path we had to walk down. It was full of mango trees, massive black ants and a few dragon flies.

Besides visiting the village, we had the opportunity to celebrate Eid here for the first time in three years. It went well enough, my friends came over for an hour or so which was nice. We were supposed to go out to visit this touristic place but I didn’t end up going because of some issues with getting back (I might’ve felt a little lazy too). Then the next day we went out for lunch in one of my aunt’s house. The following day we went out for lunch in my uncle’s (the uncle who passed away) wife’s house. I am not a big fan of lunch invitations but these family invitations were alright, fun even but for a specific length of time only.

Today, it’s raining mildly outside and the weather is very cool and nice. I dislike humidity and the sticky feeling that comes with it. The other day, I got to eat fuchka which was delicious and the spiciness somewhat ignorable. Now I am waiting to eat gulab jamun from this specific shop that I really like.

I have been reading a lot until now. Now I am on a reading slump. I think it’s because Misery by Stephen King was just too good and my eldest aunt is here with her family and so is my youngest aunt. She is leaving today with her daughters and husband though. But it is like a festival in my house with too many children.

When we were planning on coming here from London (which was quite spontaneous), I was uneasy about myself. I am a very quiet person by nature. That is by no means to say that I am (completely) unsocial or whatever the stereotypes are for quiet people, but I will always find myself getting tired sooner or later and wanting to be alone. Let’s just say everything worked out for the best and I do get my alone times as well. I am glad we did this. 


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