The week before leaving home.

Not much has been accomplished by myself personally. My mother on the other hand has been busy with settling some ‘family business.’ It should be all done by this week.

A childhood friend of my mother’s whom we are well acquainted with came to visit us the other day. The following day, we (me, my mother, three of my cousins) went to visit the local park and later visited the newly built house of my mother’s friend’s which was close to the park.

The road towards my mother’s friend’s house is really broken. It was flooded to the ankle and above at some parts with water from the rain and sewer. It was too late for us to take any other route, so we ended up soaking our feet in that water. Still makes my skin crawl thinking about it. My cousins being clever and experienced in this sort of thing, crossed the path efficiently with limited contact with that horrible water. However, me being the least clever and effective at this sort of thing got soaked thoroughly. As long as I don’t think of where that water came from, I will be okay.

When I got back home, I washed my legs thoroughly with soap and then wiped it with antibacterial wipes.  

Days when we are not going anywhere, (except my mother, she has to go out nearly everyday. Sometimes twice a day) I spend it with my relatives, the internet and ebooks. I have read more or less seven books, three of them being novels written by Agatha Christie. I have never appreciated ebooks more than I do now.

I got my hands on the books I owned when I was younger and it was a pleasant feeling indeed. I reread my all time favourite: Night Of The Living Dummy II by R L Stine and I enjoyed it even more this time. Slappy always manages to unnerve me.

Let’s not talk about the quality of this photo.

Some of my relatives will tease me about how relieved I must feel about leaving in a week. I have come to accept (and always have) that wherever I go is wherever my life will resume. By which I mean, I feel indifference with occasional periods of melancholy.


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