Gaining Perspective

I have decided to start University rather than retaking my A2 year (Year 13) with (slightly unrealistic) hopes of getting into a Top 10 University. I came to my decisions after the following considerations:

  • No guarantee of receiving A/A*s.
  • High chances of receiving Bs.
  • I don’t want to spend another year doing A levels.
  • Going to an average University doesn’t make me any less of a human.
  • I am not a born genius but I am a science enthusiast.
  • It is time to move forward in life.
How I make important decisions. (Pardon the quality of the picture!)

As with all setbacks, mine came with a few lessons too. I’ve definitely learned not to be blinded by prestige and reputation. Don’t get me wrong, if I did well enough to attend a top University, I would. What I mean by being blinded is to believe that I am not a worthy person if I don’t go to an amazing University. I know how that sounds, I really do.

I really found this particular post comforting. Claire, the author of the blog, is about to begin her first year as an English Literature (I think) student in St. Andrew’s University, which is, I believe top 3 in the UK and amongst top 10 in the world. Prince William went there! She also happens to be an extraordinarily nice person who helped me through wordpress and email during A levels. Thanks and congrats! (P.S. If anyone reading this likes travelling or University related blogs, I highly recommend her. And I am not only saying that because she helped me!)

Anyways, going back to the topic now. I am and was scared that a degree from an average University will not be regarded by future employers. Which brings my biggest fault in light; focusing on the goal rather than what I need to do in the present moment. While I cannot say if I will pass, fail, graduate, get a phd etc, I am going to give it my best and stop being condescending about Universities because majority don’t actually go to top 10 Universities (obviously) and I should not determine my self worth by which University I attend.

Last and most important; along the way of focusing on my ambitions, I forgot to enjoy what I do. I have always liked science but english was that subject which would act as a hobby too. But I didn’t take english language or literature for my A levels because I thought doing psychology and maths would be better. To some extent, I was scared I wouldn’t do good in english even though I was passionate about it. I took up maths because one of the University I liked didn’t consider students without a maths A level.

While I don’t have any great remorse, from now on I hope to make decisions based on my passion and not anything else. Which brings me to my point, I am planning on actually enjoying the contents of my degree even though it may not be easy.



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