Evernote review

Like many people, there are numerous apps in life that I downloaded and later parted with. It either irritated me by existing once I was done and over with it or because my phone forced me to delete it. Why can’t smart phone companies make phones with a decent memory capacity and battery too!

I’ve had my current phone for over three years now, so it is a fairly old model. It does support SD cards which is more important than one might imagine. It was on this phone that I first downloaded the Evernote app for reasons I can’t remember. Later, I deleted it before it made a permanent come back.

Evernote is a very sleek and sophisticated app. Its logo is a green blunt edged square with a grey elephant’s undetailed head on it. It looks very professional despite my description. Evernote offers its customer three choices; the basic one which is free but can be installed in two devices only. Evernote plus which is £3.99/month or £29.99/year and includes more space and unlimited installation in various devices. Evernote premium which is £4.99/month or £44.99/year and include access to all its features.

Being an openly broke student, of course I use the free plan. Before Evernote limited the number of devices one could install it on, I used to have it on my laptop, tablet and phone. Now, it is installed in my laptop and phone only.

I show a lot of type A personality traits which include compulsive list making for every single thing. To minimise waste, going paperless is obviously the best option for the likes of me. I am going to be honest and admit that I am not completely paper free. I bought two journals and a beautifully designed plain A5 notebook two years ago, which I still have and use. However, it is my mission to reduce paper usage as much as possible. For educational purposes, I am always going to need an A4 notebook or two.

For professional purposes such as work, it would make sense to have the premium plan. It enables one to do many things including annotate pdfs, access and edit microsoft documents, create slideshows, share projects and findings with other users and what not.

As for me or anybody who doesn’t enjoy carrying an extra weight like those bulky planners, Evernote is the way to go. I usually make checklists or type down notes here and there, so the free plan is perfect for me. Checklists can actually help work done, especially for procrastinating type As like me.

During A levels, if I had to see the student services to get a letter of proof or had to see a teacher to discuss a particular question, I would put it off because I used get really tired after class and there was always another day. Ticking off checklists is one of the pleasures of feeling accomplished in the life of type As. Therefore, making a checklist would actually make me go and get those things done because I couldn’t wait to tick it off my list. While I didn’t use it much to make notes in class (we weren’t generally allowed to use laptops in class), I made observational notes during my time volunteering to later make use of these in my personal statement and CV. I plan to make more use of it in University.

Whoever you may be, if you need a quick access to checklists, notes, reminders and much more, I couldn’t recommend Evernote enough. Try it out if it intrigues you, it is afterall free.



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