Upon Another Beginning 

Silence after midnight, tip toe.
Lights turned off, only the faint glow.
Hall is alight with a halogen light.
Clock goes tick tock, louder than a fight.

Eyes on the screen, gripped by what I see
Just one more episode until I leave.
Drowned are the voices that kill sleep
With reality check that will soon enough hit.

What dares to break the silence of the night?
It is only the first train, harbinger of day light.
Silently the long hand of the clock goes on.
Sound of an awakening city drowning it down.

With eyes that burn and lids that droop
Time for bed until right after noon.
Such remained life but only till summer.
Things always change right before winter.

Another beginning as winter comes near.
Holiday leaves with a bitter sweet tear.
All of a sudden a new chapter calls
Farewell city life, friends and sweet home.






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