The Cathedral

Night life seems to be the one that is most sought after. To most, it is about pursuing a peaceful and fulfilling night of sleep. To many, it is about partying until dawn comes along. To some, it is a time for reflection and inspiration. To some others, it is a time for spirituality and growth.

Walking out at the dark of night as a lone female can be an unnerving thought. It shouldn’t be, but it is. It helps to have another human to walk with, although if you think about it, two humans can be easily overpowered. Then again, it must be remembered that a mere mortal cannot save another.

Silence of the night don’t differ that much between places. While it seems as if the noise of traffic in large cities will never die down, as soon as midnight strikes, it does. A car will pass every now and then to remind that all is not dead yet. As one walks into the centre, queues of humans that would otherwise occupy the silent homes passed before hand, will be seen congregating in front of clubs. Some will not do that. They will walk past but one will not know where they have been or are going. Pairs holding hands will walk past too and it will be obvious they are lovers, out together for their admiration of the night.

The chatter of the crowd will quiet down when walking up through a steep path leading to the Cathedral. Not a soul will be seen for minutes which will seem much longer in that moment of time and space. A drizzle will begin to pour down gently. Realisation occurs, it has been a long time since one had listened to the sound of a light patter. The droplets will fall like snowflakes through the glow of halogen lamps that line the street. A faint glow of a somewhat orange light will bounce of the wet stones that the streets and buildings are made of. Just light enough for one to see where they are going but not overpowering the night itself.

A small creature will find comfort within the abandoned narrow streets where the houses are small and comforting. The creature’s sight can behold all that is there to see. Nothing will be lost among the crowd of faces that are present during daylight. One will wonder, how can humans live in such a secluded place? Then again, its serenity is addictive; one’s heart will return here again and again. The rain will start coming down heavier, snapping one out of their contemplation.

As one approaches the cathedral, the silence become louder. The rain tones down to a drizzle again. The moon, rising between the towers of the Cathedral, seem to play hide and seek behind the clouds. The Cathedral glows like a creature eternally youthful, forever rooted to the ground.

The Cathedral
The streets



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