Minimalist Inspiration

The concept of minimalism is very much in line with my general and religious morals. Obviously, minimalists choose their lifestyle as a result of their own decisions which varies among different people.

Am I a minimalist? No, I am not. I don’t think I could ever be a proper minimalist. However, I draw inspiration from it which helps me reduce wastage and really think about what matters most.

I decluttered my wardrobe twice this year and got rid of clothes that I knew I was not going to ever wear. I still have clothes that I am not quite sure about. I used to keep things for two specific reasons: a) they cost b) they look good. Like many people, I convinced myself that one day I would find the courage to wear the ‘good looking’ clothes. Even if they aren’t really my style.

When it comes to decluttering clothes, it is indeed important to understand what is it that you want from your clothes. For me, it is comfort. If I feel remotely uncomfortable both physically and psychologically in an item, I will never wear it again. For someone else however, it could be that this person would wear something uncomfortable as long as it is in line with their sense of style.

The same is applicable for shoes, coats, makeup etc. I am very picky about shoes and currently I am down to three ankle boots, one trainer, two ballet flats, one brogue which is in a really bad condition but I am too broke to get a new one now (I need it for interviews and if I end up finding a job that has a formal dress code). If a shoe is uncomfortable in a nanometer scale, I refuse to wear it. Unfortunately, I spent a lot of money on shoes that I didn’t actually wear. My Mum wore some of them because they fit her while some others just had to go.

Items that are relatively new or in good condition can always be given away, so nothing is being wasted there. Since minimalism is a lifestyle, it isn’t only applicable towards one aspect of life.

Wasting food is a very serious matter to me, personally. I’ve been wasting quite a bit of food since I’ve started living alone for University. I used to dislike eating bread crust but now I eat it anyways. I need to be more careful about my choices rather than just cook things carelessly and trash them. So, right now I am targeting my minimalist inspiration towards cooking and food.

So, I realised I have been using the word minimalist a lot, even though I mentioned I am not a minimalist per say. It’s just easier to say and I hope I don’t end up offending anybody. There’s so much more to minimalism than the inspiration that I draw from it. I just like the idea of having a decluttered life. I used to be always late because I had too many clothes (compulsive shopper here!) and couldn’t decide what I wanted to wear. Thank God, that’s not an issue anymore. At least, for the majority of time.



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