I, in terms of energy.

I, a sensitive being.
Sensitive not to tearing
Every time sharp thoughts
Are hurled willfully.

I, conserve energy.
With every step
Every word
That I keep within.

I, am a reaction.
A chemical reaction
Always seeking a path
To expend less energy.

I, am entropy.
Moving towards disorder
Contradictory to conserving
It’s always happening.

I, am a shadow.
On the sideways
Behind that fellow
One with darkness.

I, am stardust.
Once upon a time
One with the stars
A particle invisible.

I, am rooted.
To comfort
To discontent
To absolute content.

I, am thoughtful.
Airy in the head
Never present
At the moment.

I, am insignificant.
Impactful nonetheless
A flutter in the Universe
Being alive everyday.

I, am human.
Classic emptiness
Endless desires
Good tidings beyond.

I, expend energy.
Mindless chaos
Expanding entropy.


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