A day in Nottingham

Bias is a funny thing. Once one is of an opinion, sooner or later they forget how they reached that opinion. The first time I visited Nottingham, I was more ‘inexperienced’ in life. I would like to say I am more ‘experienced’ than I was two years ago but my wide eyed, innocent face begs to differ.

When I first went to visit Nottingham, I still hoped to study medicine. We (my sister, her friend, her friend’s boyfriend and I) went to visit the University of Nottingham for a program arranged by Medlink for prospective medical students. I woke up early in the morning with awful period pain and possibly very little sleep. With no desire to leave my bed and it being the first time we were travelling outside London without our parents, I was not in the mood for sightseeing (which we never had time to do anyways).

After that I started travelling more around London. Navigating places gave me more confidence in myself to go travelling outside of UK. Which I realise was a little too ambitious. Although, I never received any opportunity to travel outside.

In the UK, I haven’t been to many places except London (obviously), Lincoln (studying there), Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Eastbourne and Nottingham. We (my apartment mate, my lecture friend, and I) were planning to go for an inter-railing trip around some European countries in summer. When I got serious about my desire to do so, I realised it is impossible for me to afford it this summer.

If I got a job now, other than working as a Student Ambassador which is unreliable because working shifts aren’t always available, it would still take me at least a year to save up enough for a decent trip. The problem with that is, there are no available jobs in Lincoln for students. It is a small city, so I do understand why there are no jobs but I shall not stop looking for one everyday!

Until then, I am going to compromise. I am going to go on a trip, possibly once a month, somewhere in the UK. Exhausting the close destinations first then moving on to the more distant places. I went to Nottingham yesterday which hopefully was the beginning. The plan isn’t to visit every single city but to make the most of the ones we do.

The bias I had against Nottingham was rather baseless. I enjoyed being there very much and it was the most fun I had in ages. The independent food places there are fantastic, to say the least. Here’s hoping we gain more opportunity, experience and courage to widen our plans and travel further with each coming year.

Homemade Cafe particularly ‘spoke’ to me, although, Curious Manor is quite something!


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