Senseless Violence

The earth around is soaked in red
Fresh paint, I thought to myself
A little voice arose inside my head:
Ignorance isn’t bliss, you fool
It’s not paint, it’s senseless violence.

Turn away all you like. Or 
Watch away in paralysing horror 
That puddle isn’t turning into wine
Don’t raise your head from the ground
Don’t listen to the sirens all around.

Don’t just stand there either
Go watch paint dry that’ll end quicker
Than the violence that is inflicted for terror
And the violence that is said to be for the greater good.

The blood! Oh, but the bloodshed you see,
Running, stagnant, clotting, soaking, drying
The Earth is bleeding
The bloodshed of evil may or may not be much of it
But that of the innocents’ will asphyxiate it with grief
The Earth? It can’t stop bleeding, please aid it with some peace.




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