If I don’t make it home

If I don’t make it till tomorrow
Let it be known that I loved
And lived a life rich with emotions.

All I had were the things I wanted
And so much more than I asked for
Lucky I got a family that loved me most.

Don’t grieve my absence for long
Don’t remain fixated on the way it happened
It will hurt the immortal presence of the soul.

Let not the pain make you bitter
Don’t despair, for any emptiness felt will fade away
With time and patience and prayer.

Take care, you were the light of my life
Lucky am I to have left before you could leave me
Pray for me and pay away my debts: physical and spiritual.

Chase after your dreams for me, will you?
Everytime you breathe, I will be there in the particles
Unravelling into the stardust we all once were.

We are all walking with one foot in our grave
I haven’t got much to leave, so here’s a poem for you to read
If I can never make it home anymore.



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