Bristol, Bath & Hastings

I made a resolution of visiting a city every month and I kept it. Well, sort of.


My sister goes to the University of West England in Bristol and of course I had to take advantage of that. I stayed in Bristol for two nights, exploring parts of the city in a day.

Bristol is a noticeably green city. Every city has its own atmosphere and Bristol is no exception. The last time I visited Bristol was over a year ago and I recalled having some unfriendly encounters. But I did return without holding grudges or making assumptions and it turned out interesting. 

Here’s four poor quality images. One of these days when I am not actually broke, I will go and purchase a proper camera…or a cheap compact one. Still better than nothing!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to explore that much of Bristol. Although, I have plans of returning during the summer.


Bath is incredibly close to Bristol; a fifteen/seventeen minutes ride from Temple Meads Station. Between Bristol and Bath, I would choose Bath everytime. (Sorry!) I was so impressed with the architecture, the parks and just the lonely air of the city. I can imagine why the last bit may not be appealing to some people (definitely not to my sister) but I found it captivating.

Bath is actually a popular enough place for visiting. It was the day I went there and the horrid weather that made it seem unusually solitary. If you head over now or in the next two months, I can’t see why it won’t be busy.

We went to the Victoria Art Gallery which was quite nice. My ‘non-artistic’ sister enjoyed being there too! Of course, no visit to a city is complete without admiring its cathedral. We went to see the Bath Abbey which is really close to the Roman Baths and other touristy places. We didn’t go in the Jane Austen centre as it was too expensive for us. Unfortunately, when we arrived at Herschel Museum of  Astronomy it was closed. But I intend to return again to visit it eventually.


The day after visiting Bath, I took the coach back to London. The following day, my friend and I headed over to Hastings for another trip.

Initially, it was horrendous. But as the blankets of pale clouds subsided and the sun woke up with all its glory, our day began to get better. Getting to Hasting’s castle was quite the walk along a steep hill but the view was absolutely worth it.

Hastings Museum and Art Gallery featured George Graham’s: The Creation Paintings and it was incredible. I highly recommend it, although, Moonlight Scene by Sebastian Pether in Victoria Art Gallery stole my breath away. (And of course my heart too)




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