on the eve before another year (& The Greatest Show review)

The past week has been good. Coming home, going to Bristol with my sister and returning home again had that feeling of a revelation being revealed. A revelation in the sense that it reminded me of what are my priorities. Faith, family and education being on the top three. I like to include my close friends in the family category because they simply are like family.

Travelling around England (as frankly, I am unable to afford travelling outside at the moment) is always incredibly refreshing. Particularly because I enjoy that feeling of being on the run. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about soaking in an experience rather than rushing through it. What I mean is that I simply enjoy the feeling of walking through new streets, learning new things about the place, being carefree (by which I don’t mean being careless about safety!) and hopping on and off buses and trains and being able to experience something new no matter how minute it is without having to worry about the usual responsibilities.

London is always great too. And no, I am not going to romanticize it and call it the greatest city in the world. To me however, it is one of the greatest cities in the world but not because of its stereotypes but because it is my niche. The amount of times folks try to scam me here is ridiculous. I can literally see you targeting me, ya know!

Some form of bizarre interaction always happen when I am in London. And that too when using public transport. I always use public transport though as my parents are unable to drive at their age and condition and so we don’t own a car now. I will be getting my driving lessons hopefully very soon.

I returned to London from Bristol in the afternoon of new years eve and then went to catch a movie with an old friend then went home to spend the rest of the night there before leaving for university the following day. I finally learned how to make roti (chapati) from scratch and it was actually fun! My Mother fed me dal and roti (red lentil and chapati) which I was craving and my father bought me chinese noodles for lunch from this little place I love in central London. I had that during the few minutes I stopped by to leave my luggage at home before going out with my friend.

We decided on watching The Greatest Show as we both generally enjoy movies starred by Hugh Jackman. Had he not been a celebrity, I bet we would be best friends! I am not going to lie, I am not a big musical person. But I love going to the cinema and hadn’t been in one since September. Besides, the year my friend and I met we went to the same cinema to watch a movie on new years eve. And that was my first time actually, going to the cinema!

Now, it wasn’t anything extraordinary. Some of the scenes seemed preposterous and it had a few of the cliches of a feel good romantic musical. I am no expert and it might be just me but some of the choreography could’ve been better. Some may even be put off by its societal statement! But I LOVED every minute of it! Dun, dun, dun! Okay, maybe not every minute but definitely most minutes. And I am not about that musical life. I suppose, I just really enjoyed that feel good blast of colours and pompous aesthetic, heart warming happy endings, upbeat melody and an underlying statement relevant to my life personally.  So yes, the critics may have spoken against the movie but I deemed it to be a thoroughly enjoyable watch.

The year has begun and resolutions has been written, will we remain true to it though?


Welcome Ramadan – 05/17

A time of reassurance is upon us
Hunger and thirst accompanying it
Through it all we will grow stronger
In our faith and in our manners
In the space that holds compassion
In the actions that are not about the self
But bigger.

We will hold back unsolicited emotions
Control the anger while fighting the hunger
Although it resembles not a battle
But more of a daily celebration
With feasts, taraweeh and eid preparations
Welcoming all to iftar with open arms.

Minimalist Inspiration

The concept of minimalism is very much in line with my general and religious morals. Obviously, minimalists choose their lifestyle as a result of their own decisions which varies among different people.

Am I a minimalist? No, I am not. I don’t think I could ever be a proper minimalist. However, I draw inspiration from it which helps me reduce wastage and really think about what matters most.

I decluttered my wardrobe twice this year and got rid of clothes that I knew I was not going to ever wear. I still have clothes that I am not quite sure about. I used to keep things for two specific reasons: a) they cost b) they look good. Like many people, I convinced myself that one day I would find the courage to wear the ‘good looking’ clothes. Even if they aren’t really my style.

When it comes to decluttering clothes, it is indeed important to understand what is it that you want from your clothes. For me, it is comfort. If I feel remotely uncomfortable both physically and psychologically in an item, I will never wear it again. For someone else however, it could be that this person would wear something uncomfortable as long as it is in line with their sense of style.

The same is applicable for shoes, coats, makeup etc. I am very picky about shoes and currently I am down to three ankle boots, one trainer, two ballet flats, one brogue which is in a really bad condition but I am too broke to get a new one now (I need it for interviews and if I end up finding a job that has a formal dress code). If a shoe is uncomfortable in a nanometer scale, I refuse to wear it. Unfortunately, I spent a lot of money on shoes that I didn’t actually wear. My Mum wore some of them because they fit her while some others just had to go.

Items that are relatively new or in good condition can always be given away, so nothing is being wasted there. Since minimalism is a lifestyle, it isn’t only applicable towards one aspect of life.

Wasting food is a very serious matter to me, personally. I’ve been wasting quite a bit of food since I’ve started living alone for University. I used to dislike eating bread crust but now I eat it anyways. I need to be more careful about my choices rather than just cook things carelessly and trash them. So, right now I am targeting my minimalist inspiration towards cooking and food.

So, I realised I have been using the word minimalist a lot, even though I mentioned I am not a minimalist per say. It’s just easier to say and I hope I don’t end up offending anybody. There’s so much more to minimalism than the inspiration that I draw from it. I just like the idea of having a decluttered life. I used to be always late because I had too many clothes (compulsive shopper here!) and couldn’t decide what I wanted to wear. Thank God, that’s not an issue anymore. At least, for the majority of time.