To Read A Poem

There will be times in everyone’s life when they will be told to settle for something less than what they want and deserve. There’ll be many good books that will go unread because of the decision to just settle for anything. There’ll be many good movies which will remain unwatched. Many nights laying awake wondering, why on earth did I waste my time on that rubbish.

It isn’t possible for me to prevent that from happening to you. My gold could be your rubbish, although I hope it isn’t. I’ve always wanted to recommend some really extraordinary things that I have enjoyed very much and think about quite a lot.

Poetry can be daunting and the idea of reading it can sound exhausting. But you know, like many things in life, you gotta give it a chance or several to find out. I remember absolutely hating the poetry content of my GCSE English syllabus. Fast forward two or three years, I found The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe.

Now, it is probably something most people know of and read at some point in their academic life. Of course, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, if a dark, melancholic storytelling with a haunting atmosphere engages your mind and quiets down the chaos in it, it could be yours to love as well.

I am not going to say that I am a poetry genius. Simply because I am not even close. I have been into poetry rather recently and the book I am reading now is a basic one: 100 Best Loved Poems edited by Philip Smith. It has old poems and I don’t understand a significant portion of them. But I do understand some of them, and when I do, it feels like a revelation.

I have always been interested in the universal truth of our existence which is of course, death. I imagine, so does a lot of other people. In the book I mentioned, there’s quite a bit of poetry about death which more or less resonates with my interests. It’s not completely plagued with it, there are happy ones too. Poems about adventure, love and lessons.

So, is poetry worth the time?
Well, I don’t know. I can only speak for myself. Maybe, trying it out isn’t such a bad idea.

Beautiful language, rhythm, stories with atmosphere that ignite something warm and happy or melancholic but resonating – things I adore in a poem. Although, The Raven will always be timeless and the poem that I fell in love with.